It's 2014 and change is in the air.....

He Guardala People and those of you searching for information on the real bad guy of the Saxophone World - Dave Guardala.

I am throwing this out there and would love any thoughts. I am pondering handing over the URLS to my friend Nadir at PMS Music in Germany. Nadir has been making amazing Guardala mouthpieces for a years now and has even developed the line much further than Dave Guardala ever did with a variety of tip openings and new models that are now available.

Since Dave has become such OLD NEWS, and Guardala Mouthpieces as a product continue to advance at PMS; it only seems logical to move these URLS over to the guy that is most graciously and skillfully continuing the legacy that only a true craftsman can.

I love Nadir's work, have played many of his mouthpieces and recently discussed handing the URLS over to a place online that a sax player can purchase legendary pieces without any connect from that lame guy that started the company and ripped people off.

Of course, that would take the whole story offline for future generations of sax players. I don't really know if that could be an issue or should be at this point.....


Greg Vail Sax

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Dave Guardala Blog

WOW - It has almost been a year and nothing really new from our musician gone mad friend Dave Guardala. Just thought I should say hey to our visitors and wish you all a blessed and music filled 2014!

Greg Vail Sax

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Just checking in - 2013

It's a new year and it has been really quiet in Guardala Land! Just checking in to see if there is anything to post out there. NAMM is around the corner and I have heard nothing in a long time about our dear friend Dave.

Happy New Years all!!

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Guardala Scam is old news - What does it mean?
The Guardala website that outlines the events of this ordeal was just updated. I continue to get messages from new people that are just finding out about these scams Dave Guardala perpetrated against the entire music and saxophone community.

BUT - questions as to the products available today continue to surface.

I updated the static website (, trying to address 2 things. I wrote the site while this was unfolding. It is all 100% true and I stand by all of the data - but this all happened a few years ago - 2007? It is not NEWS for 2012 - It is old news.

You can go over and read the site if you want. The reason it is still online is partly to conical those events for history's sake, but also to possibly teach others to avoid the trap of believing a friend when what they say is completely unbelievable. There are helpful links to resources and advice to not become a victim as so many did as Guardala attacked the saxophone community late 2000.

The other issue is the gear. I understand why so many want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but in this case, it would be just what Guardala wanted. To avoid the name Guardala on any product today only hurts previous victims of this mans scams. Dave does not make a penny from his name or any product with his name on it in 2012!!

PMS and WWBW have great new options at varied cost and quality. If it is a great mouthpiece - what would it matter who's name was on it. It could say chicken poop on the side - I wouldn't care if it made my sax scream and propelled my career.

Click the links above and read the 2012 Disclaimer or just revisit the links here when I addressed these issues in 2007, 2011 and 2012. Click Disclaimer in the side bar.

Those of you who have old handmade Guardala's and want to smack me for dissing the name and possibly having any affect on potential buyers - I want you to know I still play all my original pieces and tell everyone that messages me that I would never ditch a winning piece. I wont do lunch with Dave if he calls - but will continue to play these MPCs because they sound good for me!

SO - Not a Dave Guardala the guy update - I have no idea what rock he is living under this week. This is more of an update on the gear - good stuff - I use it and love seeing new variations on the theme coming out that could even be better!!

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Any Sightings?
Any Dave Sightings?

I have talked to a host of characters involved with Dave from yesteryear and no sightings or any idea where he might be from any of them.... Interesting.....

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Dave Guardala released from Federal Prison

Well - I had been told Dave Guardala was up for possible release as early as this month and it would appear Dave has been released. I have only heard from one insider, who was the individual that sent the possible February release information a year ago, and then emailed me asking, then emailed again stating Prison Records show "RELEASED" as current status.

I did receive an odd email last week asking when Dave got out. I did not recognize the email address and I responded that I had not heard that he had been released yet, then asking who the email was sent by and for an update if indeed Dave was indeed out. I never heard anything back from that unknown person.

SO - I don't have any personal knowledge of a release, but can tell you the emails have confirmed the release of Dave Guardala! I have not dreaded this news, knowing one day Dave would be back on the streets and I can only hope that the ridiculously short sentence was somehow enough for Guardala to rehabilitate and determine to lead a life of good and not crime. I do hope for Dave and for the world around him, that he has committed to a wholesome path, and pray he can achieve this.

After years and months of nothing new in Guardala land - here we go into a new chapter of Guardala's life - post criminal and post prison - I hope!!

Greg Vail - SAXBOY - gvSAXBOY

Any update from the East Coast would be appreciated - be it private or posted.
gvsaxboy@ - no space

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Guardala Products vrs Guardala the Dave
It has been 100 days since the last post because it has been 100 more days of Dave in jail and no news - which is generally good news on that guy.

SO - I was just a NAMM and when posting Guardala Mouthpiece pictures I realized the difficulty of explaining the sign the read - Dave Guardala - The Best is Back! 

The difficulty lies in the differentiation of the products and the man. Dave Guardala is in prison and has been for a long time for stealing lots of money from many individuals from all over the planet. You can read about that at Dave Guardala dot net - the whole story explained - or read down this blog more toward the middle when everything was news and breaking.

In the US - there are or were 2 different Guardala Mouthpieces available to buy - one from WWBW made in the US and one from PMS Germany. The differences - WWBW took the CNC machine for Lazer Trims and made more of the pieces Dave had started to release before he turned to the dark side. The WWBW pieces were nice but no detail or hand finishing was done - spit out of the machine - into the box. 

PMS also started making the mouthpieces from Germany. Nadir is a sax guy / mouthpiece guy in Germany! He took the basic design, hand finished them, started making them by hand, created new tip openings and then developed the lines further than Dave ever had. Nadir's craftsmanship is amazing. He even re built my original Guardala Tenor Crescent and it came back so beautiful I was hesitant to even play it much. He has the touch!

Now Nadir has a full line - from Soprano to Baritone of great mouthpieces and has even designed one of his own that is every bit as good as anything he has made! 

Dave Guardala has NOTHING to do with any of these now. Dave makes no money from the sale, he is not friends with or in business with either WWBW or PMS. He sold his rights and lost his rights to his own name as a product and these guys are carrying on the work of making great mouthpieces for sax players worldwide.

Some friends freaked seeing me at the Guardala (PMS) booth at name. NOT THE SAME GUY! JUST THE SAME NAME!

Many thought I should destroy the mouthpieces I had from the guy Dave Guardala after this all happened! I don't think a bad man means I should stop using products that made me sound better! I would not be punishing Dave at all but really punishing myself - AGAIN! 

So - I love my original Dave Guardala mouthpieces! I love the products Dave made. I don't like Dave at all because he has been a really bad man and hurt many people I loved - even hurt me. 

If I had the money, I would have bought the NEW Alto Brecker mouthpiece by PMS - It was a little better and fuller sounding than my original Guardala. I really want to try the Bari and Soprano pieces!!! I could see myself playing all Guardala's, all the time! 

If it plays good - who cares if it says Chicken Soup on the side?? I want to be as good as I can be - all the time!

Guardala products are amazing - old and new ----- CHECK OUT the PMS Site for expensive and beautiful pieces of art that sound great! I do........

Thanks for letting me attempt to explain..... 
................clear as mud I'm sure..............

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389 days ago - last post

Well it has been a long time with nothing to really say other than respond to emails and stay in touch with Guardala victims. The BLOG says it has been 389 days since my last post and recent emails have encouraged me to head over to this old BLOG and make a few updates and statements.

Today is October 13, 2010. Life has moved on, yet there is still financial difficulty, felt day to day caused by Dave Guardala's actions a few years back and my foolish trust. The financial loss has had long term effects on life up to this date and likely for years to come.

But one comment I recently answered by email had to do with - no update from me and hurt all thru the blog. I promised this guy I would take a look at the blog and see if it needed any further statement. I took a look and decided I should respond to a few things right here - for the record.

The BLOG was written in real time. As the events unfolded, I wrote, Often the passion of the moment was very expressed as I wrote. Today things are very different. The anger and frustration has long since blown over. This event is not a life determining event for me. I have not even looked at the BLOG in ages and seldom ever talk about any of this anymore.

It was pretty life consuming when it was all happening, but life has gone on. Reading the BLOG, written as the event was rocking my world, could make a reader feel like I am still there with no updates. That is why I am writing.

This is not a Dave Guardala update but more a Greg Vail update.

I don't have any desire to go to dinner with Dave any time soon, but no longer have that feeling of wanting to smack him when the name is mentioned. Questions of forgiveness usually are associated with a statement that makes no sense. Forgive and Forget! It is not in the Bible. It is not even possible or healthy.

To forget bad things would be to remove the positive lessons learned from that event. It is also impossible to forget or even try to forget. Even the act of trying to forget is an action of remembering that which you are trying to forget. It just doesn't work.

I answered this very well meaning guy, with the lesson this taught me and with hopes that it could help others not make the same mistakes I made.

In a over simplified statement - I learned that it does not matter how much you admire someone or believe them. All business should be conducted with the same safe guards! Why would a friend ask you to do anything that is not fair, documented and safe??

If it is too good to be true - it is - regardless of who is saying it!

We all need to practice common sense when dealing with everyone. Yes we let stuff go and let it become the past. We can't rehearse the pain and mistakes of the past, punish ourselves for mistakes or seek vengeance for wrongs done. It only destroys us when we hold on to that crap. But we also rob ourselves of the lessons we might learn if we just try to forget these things. The best lessons we seem to learn are connected to our greatest failures.

Remember - hate is still a connection and is so unhealthy. Indifference is opposite of hate and love, which have a strange interaction with each other.

Read, learn and remember any lesson you might find in this blog. Peace to all.....

Greg Vail ~ SAXBOY ~ gvSAXBOY

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Guardala Sentencing trial

It has been a few days and I feel like it is time to comment on the outcome of Dave Guardala's sentence from comments from victims that attended the long overdue event in New York - 9.11.09.

There were many things that had me upset for a few days about the sentence and the trial, but the one thing that still has me a little angry is the way the judge handled the victims in court. Dave Guardala was aloud to speak and the many victims that came to speak were shut down. Dave was said to be blaming the world for what happened, and then talking about helping kids and puppies. These guys that Dave Guardala ripped off had to listen to this crazy sounding fool and then were told that it didn't matter what they had to say.

My friend had prepared and was ready to state the facts and really wanted to after listening to Dave's ramblings, but was not given that right. Any chance for a little closure or sense of confronting this thief was denied by the judge.

I was totally enraged as I was told how he handled these guys. Even if it was not going to influence the outcome in any way, they should have been aloud to speak. Even Guardala's elderly high school teacher was not aloud to address Dave from the bench. I think this was a total travesty of justice. LEt the psychopath speak and slap the victims. Very lame and wrong!!

Then, the very least sentence Dave might get was 48 months, and this is what Guardala got - 48 months total. This of course will include 2 years of "Time served" and means he will be out in less than 2 years. 

Dave Guardala stole over a million dollars here in the US and likely over a million abroad. He cost real people that I know houses, life savings, wives, girlfriends, best friends, embarrassment, and ongoing financial hardships that will follow some to the grave. Is a couple million bucks worth 48 months? Some would say YES!! What an odd encouragement to steal and balance the cost as low enough to consider it.

The only real consolation was Guardala was stopped by a few musicians, of whom I am proud to be acquainted. 

Dave Guardala will be out again in a couple of years. There is little doubt in my mind that a few more months will rehabilitate Guardala, making him a puppy loving child supporter. It would be my prediction that Dave Guardala will spend the next 40 months perfecting a system of stealing that might look like a long term retirement plan. I think we would all be VERY surprised to see a check from Dave (he did promise to pay us all back), and just as surprised to see 5 years roll by without another trip to the big house.

I wish all those effected by Dave Guardala peace and blessing, since I can't find anyone that has been left a better person from any contact with this person. 

I am glad it is over. Too many years now.

I hope there is nothing to add to this blog for many more years.........................................

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Dave Guardala is sentenced today - 911

Guardala Sentenced ~ 48 Months

Dave Guardala was sentenced today in Federal Court in Islip, New York. Having plead guilty to numerous counts of fraud and involved in a plea bargain deal for admitting his guilt, Guardala was sentenced to 48 months. With time served at nearly 2 years, and a possibility of early parole if he is really nice in prison, he should be out in a little less than 2 years.
Federal cases require a minimum of 80% time served. The decision is made by the correctional facility as to when he will actually be released.
He will have 3 years of court involvement after that, and will not be given a passport or travel privileges for some time. He is supposed to pay back victims but we know he is unlikely to do so.
These are the facts.
The rest of the story is to come, but requires some process time and a clearer head to organize.
Thanks for your interest and support over the years since this went online.
Greg Vail - SAXBOY

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